Detail of Ufone packages: Ufone call packages, Message packages, and Net packages

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With the growth of telecommunication, Ufone is also moving forward among the hard competition. It is one of the top telecom operators and offers the high-speed 3G. Furthermore, they give Ufone 4G services with super-fast speed to its consumers.

To maintain the competitive advantage, the company must make the loyal customers. It is only possible when they offer the great deals to their customers by packages. Thus, Ufone’s goal is to satisfy its customers.

Like all other networks, the Ufone provides best Ufone internet packages. Ufone weekly call packages make it easy for you to deliver your voice all over the world. Ufone internet call packages are allowed on postpaid as well as prepaid connections. There are many Ufone 3g internet and Ufone 4g packages that meet your needs. Besides, there are Ufone 3g packages unlimited and Ufone 4g internet packages monthly.

Ufone Internet Package 2017 Daily, Weekly, Monthly:

Ufone Daily package name:




Activation Method

Unsubscribe Method


Daily light Bucket

40 MB 24 Hours *804# type SMS “UnSUB” and send 8804 PKR 10

Daily Heavy Bucket

75 MB 24 Hours *8042*  *4808# PKR 15

Special Daily Bucket

50 MB Timing 1 am to 9 pm *810# send SMS“ UNSUB” and send on 7810 number PKR 05/-

Mega Internet Bucket

1024 MB Timing 01 Am to 06 AM *550# *5501# PKR 99/-

3 Days Bucket

100MB 3 days *3350# Not available on the official site( call customer care center to know) PKR 25/-

Ufone Weekly package name:

Buckets Validity Activation Method Unsubscribe Method Charges
Weekly light Bucket one week *7811#  250MB PKR 50/-

Weekly Heavy Bucket

one week *7815# 500 MB PKR 125/-

Ufone monthly package name:

Buckets Activation Method


Monthly 1GB Bucket *7807# 1,024 MB PKR 250/-
Monthly 3GB Bucket *803# 3096 MB PKR 500/-
Monthly 10GB Bucket *5100# 10,240 MB PKR 1,000/-
Social Monthly Bucket *5858# PKR 50/-

You can get the free whatsApp, twitter, and facebook on Ufone by the social monthly bucket. And the validity of this package is one month.

Which Ufone Internet Package Is incredible to use?

If you are searching for the best Ufone Internet package, then know one thing. It varies from the requirement to requirement. The demand for the consumption of the internet connection is must remember. If you need to consume internet connection for short duration of time then daily Ufone internet package is well suited for you. But if you want to use it more than two, three days then the weekly package is your need. On the other hand, if you need to use your internet package for a month then you must have to subscribe the Ufone monthly internet package. There is nothing like a standard package, it all depends on your needs and wants.

Here is a good suggestion guys. Try the merged, and the best offer of Ufone 3G bundles 2017. If you don’t need to watch videos and browse the data you can use social media such as Facebook and Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Subscribe the Ufone social internet package to enjoy the high internet speed in lowest rates. Hope you like the info.

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