How to Recharge and use Zong 4G Device effectively:

There are three types of 4# Zong 4g devices. These are:

  1. Zong 4G Bolt+
  2. Zong 4G Bolt
  3. Zong 4G Bolt+
    (Fiber Home)

Zong offers 4G devices so that you can get convenience and speed with Zong 4g, Zong 4g packages, and Zong 4g internet packages monthly. You will also be getting all you need such as Zong internet packages free, Zong daily SMS package, and Zong internet packages 24. Along with the Zong weekly bundles, Zong weekly package, Zong monthly Internet packages and Zong SMS package.

In the past you have had enjoyed many amazing services of Zong like

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Do you want to use Zong internet but don’t know about Zong packages internet? Then, learn how to recharge Zong 4G WiFi device here. No worries, if you don’t know about it. I am going to guide you about the recharge of Zong 4G device.

How to Recharge your Zong 4G Device:

There are four different ways through which you can recharge Zong 4g device.

  1. Through Mini-load
  2. Either recharge by credit or debit card
  3. Visit the closest customer service center
  4. Dial *6767# to transfer the credit from your Zong Master Number

If for example, you are using your Zong 4G device with Zong internet packages monthly you must know the information about it. Because in the case of memory shortage you have to buy more MBs and GBs. Also, sometimes, you have to reactivate the whole package such as Zong SMS packages monthly, Zong weekly call packages or Zong monthly packages.

Valuable Notes:

There are two situations in which you have to recharge your Zong 4G device:

The Package finished before the Expiry Duration:

If the Package has finished before the Expiry Duration, then you can recharge it in two different methods.

  1. Buy the additions in the same bundle for the remaining period.
  2. Renew the whole package once again.

In the second case, you also have to deactivate the current offer and reactivate the new offer.



The Package expired though not entirely used:

If the Package has expired though not fully consumed, then you should be careful. Because in this case you will have remaining GBs and it causes the renewal of the existing package. However, the remaining GBs would not transfer into the new package. To avoid this situation, you have to deactivate the old package and then choose other Zong internet packages.

The Price of Zong 4g device:

The price for 4G Mobile Wifi is around Rs. 3,000.

Detail of packages on Zong 4G Device:

There are a variety of packages you can purchase on your Zong 4G device.

Here is a detail:


Bundle Validity

Bundle Price

Monthly 24GB* 1 Month Rs. 1,500
Monthly 50GB 1 Month Rs. 2,000
Monthly 100GB 1 Month Rs. 3,800
Monthly 150GB 1 Month Rs. 5,000
Monthly 200GB 1 Month Rs. 6,000
24GB/Month 3 Months Rs. 4,000
24GB/month 6 Months Rs. 9,000
50GB/month 6 Months Rs. 12,000
24GB/month 3 Months Rs. 18,000
50GB/month 3 Months Rs. 24,000
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