Detail of Zong packages-Daily, weekly and Monthly:

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With the growth of telecommunication,Zong is also moving forward among the hard competition. It is one of the top telecom operators and offers the high-speed 3G. Furthermore, they giveZong4G LTE services with super-fast speed to its consumers. Nowadays Zong is maintaining its 26 million users. Also, it has a share of 20%in Pakistan telecom industry.

To maintain a competitive advantage, the network must make the loyal consumers. It is only possible when they offer the great deals to their customers by packages. Thus, Zong’s goal is to satisfy its customers.

Every network is offering the internet packages known as 3G or 4G packages such as you can see many packages of Ufone, Mobilink, and Telenor. But the Zong provides bestZong internet packages. Zong weekly call packages make it easy for you to deliver your voice all over the world. Zong internet call packages are allowed on postpaid as well as prepaid connections. There are manyZong 3g internet and Zong 4g packages that meet your needs. Besides, there areZong 3g packages unlimited and Zong 4g internet packages monthly.

Zong 2G, 3G, and 4G Internet Packages in 2017:

You can get amazing Zong internet packages on the daily, weekly and monthly basis at optimal prices. Now we can see four great daily internet packages of Zong called Zong Nightly, Daily Basic, Daily Mini, and daily premium. Only one weekly package is offered which is known as Weekly Premium. As far as monthly packages, are concerned we have eight monthly internet packages provided by Zong. These are Monthly Premium+ 30 GB, Monthly Premium+ 20 GB, Monthly Premium+ 10 GB, Monthly 4 GB, Monthly Premium 2 GB, Monthly Premium 1 GB, Monthly Basic, and Monthly Mini.






Day Time Offer Rs. 10 4 am to 4 pm 1 GB SMS dto to 6464
Daily Mini Rs. 5 1 Day 20 MB SMS mini to 6464
Daily Basic Rs. 15 1 Day 100 MB SMS db to 6464
Daily Premium Rs. 35 1 Day 500 MB SMS dp to 6464
Nightly Rs. 6 1 to 9 am 1 GB SMS gno to 6464
Weekly Premium Rs. 70 7 Days 700 MB SMS weekly 6464
Super Weekly Offer Rs. 100 7 Days 2 GB *2*1#
Monthly Mini Rs. 50 30 Days 150 MB SMS

m150mb 6464

Monthly Basic Rs. 150 30 Days 500 MB SMS m500mb 6464
Monthly Premium Rs. 300 30 Days 2 GB SMS

m2gb 6464

Monthly Premium Rs. 600 30 Days 6 GB SMS

m6gb 6464

Monthly Premium+ Rs. 1800 30 Days 10 GB SMS

m10gb 6464

Monthly Premium+ Rs. 3500 30 Days 20 GB SMS

m20gb 6464

Also,1GB is free from 1am to 9am every night

How to check Remaining bundle:

Dial *102# to check the remaining data of your package offer. Also, dial Zong helpline 310 to get any other valuable information.


  • Un-subscribe the offer to avoid the automatic subscription of the package for the next time.
  • Don’t use the internet without any subscription. It will charge a lot.

Zong SMS packages:



Subscription charges

The number of SMS


Zong Daily SMS Package

Send an SMS by typing Sub and send it to 700. Rs.3.99 500  24 hours

Zong Weekly SMS Package

Send an SMS by typing sub to 700. Rs. 10  1000 7 days

Zong Fortnightly SMS Package

send a SMS by typing sub to 700 RS.50 500 15 days

Zong Monthly SMS Package

send a SMS by typing sub to 700 Rs.80 500  30 days


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